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钢琴教师吕丹妮(Danni Lyu)

Danni Lyu: 吕丹妮,毕业于美国特拉华大学(University of Delaware) 音乐教育硕士(Master of Music in Teaching),师从于著名音乐教育家Dr.Burton。本科毕业于沈阳音乐学院,主修钢琴。荣获沈阳音乐学院优秀毕业生,以及四年奖学金。在中美都有丰富的钢琴和音乐教学经验。培养的学生均取得优异的成绩,许多学生家长慕名而来。受邀参加2020年全美钢琴Guild考级评委,全球杰出少年钢琴演奏比赛金奖优秀指导教师,美国音乐教师协会资格会员 (MTNA),美国National Piano Guild钢琴考级资格教师,会员。此外,她还是美国音乐教师联盟会员,特拉华州钢琴教师联盟会员,带领学生参加各大钢琴表演和比赛。她所教授的学生在全美钢琴考级中均获得全A的成绩,以及满分通过;学生在国际钢琴比赛中多次获得一等奖和金奖。曾多次担任特拉华大学举办的美国名家音乐节Master Players Festival & School (MPF)担任助教,带领学生参加音乐比赛。曾在美国国际论文网发表音乐教育论文。是一名优秀的钢琴音乐教师。

  • Teaching Language: English and Mandarin

  • ​授课地区:宾州大费城地区,Glen Mills, PA, 特拉华州

  • ​地址:282 Wilmington Pike, Glen Mills, PA 19342



piano teacher

Danni Lyu graduated from  University of Delaware (Master of Music in Teaching), USA, and studied under the famous Music educator Dr. Suzanne L. Burton. She got bachalor degree in Music Education from Shenyang Conservatary of Music, majoring in piano teaching. She won outstanding graduate student of Shenyang Conservatary of Music, and four-year scholarship. She has rich teaching experience of piano and music in both China and America. She is a qualified teacher of imperial examination, She is an outstanding young piano teacher, and a music theory teacher. She won gold award excellent instructor in global outstanding youth Piano performance competition, She is a qualified member of music education association of the United States (MTNA), and a member of the National Piano Guild of the United States. In addition, she is a member of the music teachers union, the Delaware piano teachers union, which leads students in piano performances and competitions. Her students received straight A's and perfect scores in the national piano examination. Students have won many first prizes and gold medals in international competitions. She served as the assistant of Master Players Festival & School (MPF) held by the University of Delaware for many times and led students to participate in music competition. Her music education dissertation was published in ProQuest, USA. 

Teaching Address: Glen Mills Music and Art Center, Glen Mills PA 19342



EVAN WINSLOW  6/18/2019

Excellent teacher, good at gauging skill level and choosing the appropriate pieces. Danni makes the most of lesson time and every minute is used. She also paces things well and quickly enough to help you reach your potential.

JASON GAO 1/22/2019 

I've been under Danni's guidance for a little while now and it's been amazing in every way possible. She's very professional at what she does, very knowledgable in her field of studies and very intelligent. She's able to pin point my mistakes with great accuracy, come up with a solution that's easy to approach and correct me on the very spot. Playing the piano was never this fun before taking her classes. I'd recommend Danni to everyone who's looking for a great piano teacher.


Danni is the best piano teacher. My daughter loved Danni from the first day they met. She is very patient with her students.


Ms. Danni is a great teacher. My son have studied the piano for 4 months with her. She is very patient. She always focuses on students' needs. She teaches my son music theory and ear training, and some piano playing skills. She is professional and awesome!!


我的孩子从别的老师转到Danni老师这里,和Danni 老师上课后儿子钢琴水平有了飞一般的进步,不夸张的说。Danni 老师非常的正规和专业,帮孩子纠正了很多的错误,改正了很多的基本功问题,儿子也参加了钢琴表演和考级,成绩都非常好!很好的老师!